Friday, April 26, 2013


Last class Sweeney gave us a writing assignment that was to be done while in class. It asked us to grade ourselves on contribution in class. I believe that I did my part in class and deserve at the least a 90 for contribution. During discussions I was never the first to raise my hand and give my opinion or really ever put my two cents in. I did a few times, but not always. I am a shy person and do not think I should be penalized for that. Especially when I have gotten my work done in a timely manner. I am not really sure if that counts since we did not have REAL deadlines for our work. I procrastinate just like anyone, but try really hard to do everything I need to. I also went to class. I never skipped class just because I felt like it. I missed maybe two classes at the maximum. I always read the stories before class. The only thing I did not read and finish was the novel, but I do not think Sweeney even finished. I attempted it and read at least 200 or more pages. I believe that I gave my best in class and that is all anyone can do!


  1. That's all anyone can do I did 85-95 and I did everything you did basically! Just be proud of yourself for trying and as long as you did Professor Sweeney is very understanding!

  2. I am in the same boat with you, but I a gave myself a B because I missed a few class. And like you i never was the first to raise my hand in class, because I am also shy. I also did not finish the novel,but attempted to. He seems understanding so you will probably get your grade.

  3. I think that most people said at least a 90. I know that I did.